What’s the production lead time?
Just a heads-up about your standard delivery: Our goal is to get it to you within 10 working days. But, depending on your address, it might take up to 12 days. We're doing our best to make sure it arrives snug and on time!

How do we wash the Little Pillow?
Your cozy companion will come cuddled up with its own little CARE GUIDE to staying fresh and fluffy.

How long can my baby use the Little Blanket?
Just like little ones outgrow their shoes, they might outgrow their blankets too! We've got you covered with our Junior Blanket and Junior+ Blanket for those growth spurts. They're all about keeping up with those leaps in size!

How will my gift be packaged?
Your order is handled with extra care and folded snugly into our LittleSomi's Polymailer. Want to add a touch of extra charm? You can opt for our delightful gift box option as well!

Do you ship internationally?
Absolutely! We've got global shipping covered. When you check out, you'll find a list of countries we happily ship to. Explore and pick your perfect destination!

Can I change or amend an order once it has been placed?
If you need to tweak your order, shoot us a message on WhatsApp or DM us on Instagram pronto! We'll do our utmost to make those adjustments for you.